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Protecting your loved ones, your assets and wealth, and your future are essential needs for you. Protecting your needs using the right insurance plan and insurance company partner is an essential requirement for us ...



We understand that people have all sorts of demands on their time, but we also know that a sound investment strategy doesn't happen by itself. Learn how our Balanced Approach can help establish the investment strategy you need ...




You have an idea about what you want your financial future to look like. Need some help getting there? Learn more about Balance Investments and how we help individuals, families and businesses achieve their financial success ...

Our clients are everyday people, with specific financial goals and the desire to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

Our firm is dedicated to working for our clients to achieve successful financial outcomes through financial planning, investments and insurance.

The Balanced Approach is one of the many distinctive differences that allow us to help our clients reach financial success. Our mission is to listen to and partner with you and in return provide the vision and plan to secure your financial future.

“Our clients understand the value of personalized investment and financial advice and working with an advisor that partners with them for their long term success.”

Herman Brunson, President & Investment Advisor

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