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Several answers to your important and Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.


What is a Registered Investment Advisor?


A Registered Investment Advisor or RIA is a firm registered with either the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the securities division within the states in which it operates. The role of the Registered Investment Advisor is to provide financial advice and investment advice to its clients for a fee.


Balance Investments LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. View our current ADV Form. View our current IAA Terms. View our current Privacy Policy.


Why should I work with a RIA?


RIAs are committed to providing professional financial advice that expands beyond a portfolio of investments. We consider multiple aspects of your financial situation to determine which course of action is most appropriate for you.


RIAs are held to a fiduciary standard, which means we are charged with putting their clients' best interest ahead of our own. As an example, faced with two identical investments but with different fees, an adviser under the fiduciary standard would be compelled to recommend the one with the least cost to the client, even if it means fewer dollars paid to the advisor.


Broker/ Dealers are not held to the same standard.


How is Balance Investments compensated?


Balance Investments is compensated based on a fee for investment management services, in the same manner that you would pay your attorney or CPA for their expertise. Developing your financial plan is based on an hourly rate, our investment portfolio management is based on an annual percentage of the assets that we manage for you and we are compensated directly by our insurance partners for any insurance products.


As part of the Balanced Approach, your first consultation meeting with us is at no charge to determine if we are a great fit for your needs.

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