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You know it’s hard to stay abreast of all the elements that comprise a wise investment strategy: Do you have the right investment mix for your age, life stage and risk tolerance? Do you have quality investments? Have you evaluated all of the tax considerations for your investments? For your entire portfolio?


Even if you basically know what to do, it can be a challenge to find the time to implement a strategy: Researching the pros and cons of an entire universe of investment choices, aggregating all of your investment information into a consolidated portfolio, keeping abreast of the constant changes among all of your investments.


If you know what to do and you take the time to implement it, how likely is it that you’ll spend the time reviewing and making adjustments to all of your accounts a few times a year, or even once a year?


If you don’t have the knowledge, the time, the perseverance or the desire to manage your investments in a comprehensive, diligent, strategic way, it’s possible that you’re cheating yourself out of the future you desire.


We understand that people have all sorts of demand on their time, but we also know that sound investment management doesn’t happen by itself — you can’t just push a button and have the perfect investment strategy magically appear and implement itself.


Our Balanced Approach allows us to provide our clients the level of support they need in establishing and implementing a sound investment management strategy.


Our investment management process will begin with the creation of a customized investment policy tailored to your unique needs and objectives followed by:

  •    Recommendation of an appropriate asset allocation for your time horizon and risk tolerance.

  •    Recommendation of specific investments for your accounts.

  •    Assisting in the transfer of your accounts to a consolidated portfolio.

  •    Purchase and sale of investments as needed to match your objectives.

  •    Monitoring of your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

  •    Preparation of year-end tax statements for taxable accounts as needed.

  •    Rebalancing your portfolio to remain consistent with your asset allocation.

  •    Timely discussion of relevant investment issues as needed or as requested by you.

  •    Providing the professional discipline needed during difficult market conditions.



Call to us today at (980) 949-1949 or click here to book a convenient time for us to speak with you about the ways in which we can put your investment management program in place.

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